January 29, 2013

Short mission report of Tasiilaq - Greenland

It’s not easy to describe what I think others have experienced while we were on mission to Greenland. I can easily be wrong, but what I’m writing down below is based on what I heard and saw happening in this beautiful place called Tasiilaq.

We were there for about 9 days. We went together with Erna, an elder from an Icelandic church, who had been in Tasiilaq many times. It was going to be a very blessed time. And like in Jesus’ days, there are too many things to write about, and I will have to be short and strong in the testimonies of people, while more has happened.

What just caught me, was the question of a woman to Erna:”How can I receive Jesus?”. This happened in the evening, when we usually had our meetings in the house. Some people came, and others were brought along into our “open house”. The Lord was anointed to preach good news to people, and so are we. We can expect His workings in our midst, when we boldly stand for Him. And so it also was for a girl who came in to ask about Jesus. She had heard that we were also praying for healing, and she herself had pain. Her back and neck were painful. But during the praying not much did happen. She did feel some relief, but the surprise came when there was prayer for her leg-length difference. We saw them getting equal with each other, and the amazement came when she started walking. She walked out of balance for her feelings, but actually it finally was in balance and the back pain became much less. This left her mouth open.
Some days later she came back to ask something which we often call strange or spooky. Her son could see a dead person in the living-room during the evening. This was the reason that she invited us over for prayer, which we did. But we also explained her that Jesus wants to empower her with the Holy Spirit. We prayed for the baptism in the holy Spirit and after another short prayer for healing she felt greatly relieved from her back pain and a heaviness.

And as in the book of Acts, this opened another door to a sick person. We were invited to come and pray for her father who had a bad lunge. As we entered the small house, we walked into the living room. He was lying on the couch and on his shirt a dragon was portrayed. He came to sit on a chair for prayer, and when we started to pray, we could feel the power of God coming. A certain warmth came over him, and as with Jesus who felt virtue flowing out of Him, we could sense God working in this man’s body. He told us after the prayer that all pain had left him. He seemed a bit surprised. This problem was there for 13 years, and now the pain was gone. And we made sure he understood that Jesus had touched him.

When we were leaving the house, I rejoiced so much. It was so great to see God move, to encourage and strengthen other believers in their faith. It saddens me to see believers getting drunk, gossiping, slandering, living for themselves. I feel sad when I see or hear about that, because it’s not living to the fullest at all. Living to the fullest is living the life that Jesus lived, or better: allowing Jesus to live through us, because we have said a firm ‘no’ to ourselves. The joy you get from obeying the Lord is so great, the joy is not based on my feelings at all. It’s just there. Can you imagine a high, without paying for it? But many still pay money for getting drunk, enjoying themselves in places where the world also enjoys, using the same stimuli. What is the difference with many Christians and the world? A man who joined the woman who asked about the way to receive Jesus said:”She really wants to be different, live a life of love and be different from the rest who is always drinking.” And the deliverance came. She was given a new heart with new desires, which saved her from herself. This is why it’s inconsistent to keep walking in the ways of the world, because a Christian is given a new heart and desires. She was glowing with joy. It’s this good news which is so wonderful to bring to others. There really is salvation, healing and deliverance in Jesus Christ!

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